Life moves too fast for two legs

You strive for more. You work hard in life to get ahead.

And life always seems to move faster than you.

Keep up with life on all fours

Art by Rhari

“I never knew what was possible before. The speed with which I was able to move allowed me to navigate life with responsive agility. Truly taking ownership the number of paws I had changed my life.”

Do you know what you're missing out on, having only two paws on the ground?

  • Agile methodology in locomotion — small units of work add up to a better project!
  • Customer engagement through having more belly to rub
  • Double belly — double rubs!

“Life was so stiff and formal, when I walked on two legs.”

This is what Makyo said.

She thought this was all there was to life. Walking with a slow gait, weaving from side to side with each step, working hard every day to stay on balance.

“I thought dancing was the ultimate freedom of motion.”

Then she tried four legs on the ground, two arms up in the air.

Six paws.

Two bellies.

A million possibilities.

“Then I discovered…”

Art by Floe

“I've never felt so free as when I do on all fours.”

“When I stretch out, I'm so long that I can reach from one corner of the bed to the other…diagonally!

“With some work on my abs, I was soon able to carry friends on my back.”

“You'll never know pleasure until you get two bellyrubs at once. It's heaven on earth.”

“I can go so fast now! And I gotta go fast.”

Makyo, as a young fox, danced eagerly in the knowledge of her “freedom”.

Art by Floe

Makyo came to us as a patient with a storied history. She had transitioned in her twenties, and was ecstatic with the way that the change had allowed her to be true to herself.

She wondered in her new body. Even through transition, she had felt herself lighter and with more energy. She danced! The freedom she felt with two legs was exhilarating.

Makyo soon began to tire of walking on two legs. Freedom had turned into a prison.

Art by Grey White

Happy as she was with her new body, Makyo began to tire of life on two legs. “Every day is spent balancing on two legs so that I don't topple over. When I walk, it is a sort of barely-controlled fall forward, interrupted only by a foot catching me just in time.”

We listened to Makyo and understood her concerns. We worked with her to come up with a plan to get her moving forward on all fours, ready to tackle life…at the speed of life.

The transition and the first few months were shaky.

Art by Grey White

We won't lie to you: becoming a taur will take a lot of getting used to. You have two extra paws on the ground, two bellies to deal with, and your tail is a long way away.

“I was tired every day for a while as I exercised new muscles, and some old ones I didn't even know I had! It was a testament to the program that I was able to adapt and become the six-limbed fox I am now.” experts are here for you, Makyo. We'll help you become the long fox you truly are.

The trick was to relax, stretch, and enjoy a body with two tummies.

Art by Grey White

“Over time, I began to loosen up. I grew into being a taur. I began living life. I began relishing the ways in which I could stretch. I rediscovered belly-rubs!”

Taurs naturally have more nerve endings. Combine that with double guts, and you've got twice the bellyrubs to catch up on!

Before long, Makyo began to feel good. Her body became such a big part of her existance that she struggled to picture life without it.

Art by Rhari

Four paws in the ground, two more at your disposal for your daily tasks; only being a taur can offer you these wins.

“I was limber, I was quick, I even felt sexy!” — and Makyo wasn't the only one. Many have reported the new speed that has helped them tackle life head on.

Are you ready to take life on all fours?

Art by Grey White

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